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Exercise doesn’t have to be a grind

I used to approach exercise with the belief that I had to be absolutely miserable and beat my body up in order to get a “good” workout.  Who hasn’t heard the phrase “No pain, no gain”? Over time all this managed to do was discourage me from training at all.  I also inherited severe arthritis from my dad and that made staying fit even more difficult.  

So as a last resort I joined the gym and naturally gravitated to the stationary bikes because using them wasn’t painful.   I soon found that I could get a good cardio workout with virtually no discomfort to my knees and hips. Thus I discovered that cycling was perfect for me.

I soon graduated from strictly indoor cycling to both indoor/outdoor.  And I found that I LOVE being outdoors. Some days I got home after an hour ride with my shirt plastered to my back and my hair dripping wet from exertion, and I felt great!  I loved the feeling of being outdoors with the wind blowing through my hair all the while improving my health. And what made it even better? It was all low-impact!

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So, in the quest to stay fit and discover all I can about low-impact exercise, I have compiled some helpful information and some great products I’ve found to share on this site.  I hope you find something in it for you.

The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise

Low-Impact Exercise for Chronic Conditions and Injury Recovery

Keeping it Low-Impact at the Gym

E-Bikes – Is an e-bike a good option for you?



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