I have been a fan of heart rate monitors for years.  They are helpful if you are committed to setting specific health goals and are utilized by beginners and professional athletes alike.

heart rate monitorTargeting your Heart Rate

There are different levels of aerobic exercises and everyone’s optimal heart rate (target rate) is different. Many factors need to be taken into account (like age, and fitness level) to keep one’s heart rate in a safe range.  Exceeding a healthy range can put your heart and body at risk. Heart rate monitors are a reliable and accurate means of tracking your desired maximum heart rate and letting you know if you are falling below or exceeding a healthy range.  This takes the guesswork out of your workout and helps keep you at your optimal performance level.

Types of Heart Rate Monitors

  • Chest-Strap Monitors
  • Wrist Monitors

Chest Strap Monitors

Typically have an elastic strap equipped with a small monitor that fits snugly around your chest. The monitor transmits your heart rate to a wrist worn display.


  • Strong readings with the monitor being in such proximity to your heart
  • Wide range of price points for every budget


  • Some people may not like the feel of the chest strap
  • The strap can get pretty ripe and some are not that easy to clean

Wrist Monitors

Are worn on and read your pulse directly from your wrist.


  • Ease of Use. Only one piece to worry about (no strap)
  • Some can be paired with your phone for easy workout data retrieval


  • They read from the pulse on your wrist which may not read as strongly as a chest strap monitor

I have had both a chest strap and wrist monitors and both have their selling points. What’s important is finding the right one that fits your lifestyle and comfort levels.

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