If you’re like me, you sit for hours at your desk with little movement.  I was experiencing stiffness and pain but I have arthritis in both knees so a standing desk was not a great option. I needed a way to move that was low impact and I thought of a stationary bike that could fit under my desk. But I needed something that was low profile, QUIET and unobtrusive in my office environment.  When I searched online I came across the DeskCycle. It was rated highly and reasonably priced so I thought I would give it a spin (literally).

It was delivered quickly and required simple assembly.  The pedals and digital display have to be put together and installed.  This took me about 10 minutes in all.  The unit weighs 23 pounds so while it has some heft to it, it still can be moved around quite easily.

What I loved:

  • I was surprised at the level of quality of this product. It is very solid, the pedals spin smoothly and adjusting the resistance is quick and easy.
  • At only 10-inch pedal height it works with desks as low as 27 inches.
  • It is VERY QUIET so you don’t have to worry about annoying your coworkers as you pedal away.
  • With 8 resistance settings, there’s a good range for low cardio to a more intense workout.
  • It’s portable so it moves room to room easily.

What I thought could use improvement:

  • The display was just not as high functioning as I would like.  The distance tracking seemed a bit off. I biked for maybe 20 minutes at a steady pace and the display said I had biked 5 miles (Ummm…no!).   The calorie count may work better but the distance display made me skeptical.
  • On the carpet in my office, the DeskCycle wanders a bit.  I had to secure it in front so it wouldn’t slide forward.  This could have been due to this particular carpet (it was very thin with no texture) but it was a bit annoying.

However, that did not stop me from buying a second DeskCycle for my living room where I can pedal as I watch TV without having to turn up the volume at all.

My Conclusion:

So at the end of the day, even with the display issues and minor sliding (I found this easily dealt with), I really like my DeskCycle and would definitely recommend this product.

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